7 Easy Ideas to Refresh your Room under 10K

Today, it seems impossible to redesign your room without bearing a hole in your pocket. How many times have you thought about revamping your space but gave up the idea worrying about the time and cost? But what if you can give your room a new look in just under Rs. 10,000. So, if you are looking for cheap ways to make your room go from mundane to something exciting, this is the right place to find it. These are seven ways in which you can get a makeover for your room without actually spending a lot.


Curtains, blinds and drapes are the best way to give your room the feel of luxury. They are also one thing where you actually don’t need to spend a lot to get a good designer curtain and have various ways to use it. You can either use only drapes or add a sheer to give it a richer look. One can even go for both blinds and curtains going in contrast to give it a different and unique look.
You can find a variety of curtains on Fabindia starting from just Rs 790, Pepperfry is also a very good option where you can get quality curtain for as low as Rs. 600.There is a shop in Bandra called Foam Palace which can provide you a customized set of curtains at the cost of Rs. 300 per meter.



Rugs can add a lot of aesthetic to the room and also makes your room feel cozy and comforting. Just by adding or changing the rug can make a lot of difference to the entire look of the room. If you want to go for something quirky and eclectic, you can consider Chumbak which has multicolour designs to brighten up your room starting at Rs. 1400. Fabindia is also a good option to get your room spring-ready.
One can consider HomeCenter as well for simpler designs.


Wallpapers can transform any room. It adds charm to the room and also lasts for 5 to 10 years. However, it is important to find a good quality wallpaper for a reasonable cost. Here are some places you can try.
Marshalls – They have a variety of wallpapers starting from just Rs. 1975 per roll. You can order it online or find a store. We are confident you will find what you’re looking for, whether its quirky, simple or elegant.

Any store that deals with vinyl, plywood, curtain should have a lot of options for wallpapers as well. You can contact them through Justdial or Indiamart, and get someone get the samples to your doorstep.
Amazon: another easy way to save while buying wallpapers is to look at the deals in amazon. You get great offers on a large variety of wallpapers to choose from. You can even look up some of your favourite brands here. 


Lights create ambience and add visual drama in the room instantly. Today you get a large number of options for the design of lights. To make your room look attractive you can go for ambient lighting like adding lights above the curtain or go for a hanging light for one corner in the room. Eclectic table lamps for your desk or side table are also a great option.
Orange tree by Pepperfry is one of the best sites we have come across for cheap, designer lights. To name a few local shops, you can go and check out Deepam at Bandra or IRocha at Khar, they have good designs and great quality. 


They are what we call as small wonders. These form a very small yet important part of the room. They can make or break a theme. Right bedsheet and cushions with the right fabric and color can do wonders.
You can find some not so expensive cushions and bedsheets at Hometown starting from just Rs. 795. If you want to go for something earthy then the Purple Turtles is also a good option to go for.

Surprise at Santacruz is a great store for bedsheets, bed linen and cushions with a lot of options to choose from.


They act as a focal point for the space and also acts as a finishing element that pulls the whole space together. A single painting on the wall is enough to draw someone’s attention.
You can get great wall art collection at shopweasy.com starting from just Rs.1399. For Artefacts, you can find really quirky stuff at Chor bazaar near grant road station on Fridays. On Fridays the normal shops are closed and the street market appears in the area, they keep everything and for almost half the price of what you get outside at other shops. Even bent chair is a great site where you might find some unique 3d wall art design.


Loose furniture like a pouffe or a chair are some other ways to add a new element of design to your room. They are functional and beautiful at the same time.
Chairs and tables are pretty expensive to buy but you can buy the not so expensive ones on Urbanladder as well as Pepperfry.
At Pepperfry you will find a great deal of options for pouffe, bean bags and chairs as well.It acts as a one stop destination.

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