About Us

At Reflections Designs, we believe that design is more about people than it is about spaces. This mindset has led to a client-centric approach for all our projects. 
Reflections Designs is an Interior Design firm, founded in 2011 by Husein Harianawala and has now partnered with Aakanksha Jain. 
This dynamic duo continues to design, innovate and execute projects that help clients convert their houses to homes.

Meet the Team

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Husein Harianawala is the Founder and Partner at Reflections Designs. He completed his graduation from Rachna Sansand in 2011 and decided to focus on his passion for design by starting his own firm. With over 11 years of experience in the field, Husein has always strived to experiment while prioritising practicality, High quality and longevity. 

Beyond this, he is a wanna-be bathroom singer and will pounce at every chance to convert a normal conversation into a song!
His charm and sense of humour makes every client feel right at home. 
He has a strong passion for teaching and would love to train young designers in classrooms one day.

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Aakanksha Jain is the partner at Reflections Designs. She studied and graduated with Husein from Rachna Sansand in 2011. After graduation, she worked with some esteemed names in the industry. She now brings her valuable experience to the team. 
Always focusing on details, Aakanksha endeavours to streamline processes and add value to the entire experience for our clients. 

While she is honing her entrepreneurial instincts at Reflections Designs, she is also making sure that she converts everyone in the team into a foodie like her!
Once in a while, she will ask you questions that will make you question all of your life decisions (mostly for the better) and then make you feel better by offering you a brownie!

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Devi Thakker is the Senior Interior Designer at Reflections Designs. She graduated with a design degree from Aditya College of Design Studies in 2018. After her graduation, she gained experience in modular kitchens before she joined Reflections Designs in 2019.
Devi is an integral part of our team, spearheading unique ideas and leading design discussions. Over the years, she has tremendously expanded her technical knowledge and has shown an eagerness to deliver beyond expectations.

She loves to explore different avenues in design and is now pursuing a course in UX design on the side. Devi enjoys reading and writing in her free time and has managed to publish her own blog too! She is responsible for our daily dose of reality check, sass and puns!