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Meet the Team

At Reflections Designs, we believe that design is more about people than it is about spaces. This mindset has led to a client-centric approach for all our projects. 
Reflections Designs is an Interior Design firm, founded in 2011 by Husein Harianawala and has now partnered with Aakanksha Jain. 
This dynamic duo continues to design, innovate and execute projects that help clients convert their houses to homes.

Husein Harianawala is the Founder and Partner at Reflections Designs. He completed his graduation from Rachna Sansand in 2011 and decided to focus on his passion for design by starting his own firm. With over 11 years of experience in the field, Husein has always strived to experiment while prioritising practicality, High quality and longevity. 

Husein Harianawala, Founder

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