Automation at homes – A lasting Trend

Automation as the word says is automating all the appliances at home and control it by a device or voice or by an app. Automation at homes have become a trend which is only going to become even more popular. As the technology is growing the possibilities of things you can do has become infinite, now there are not just one or two options but rather a lot to choose from. Everything at your house now can be automated and controlled with just a touch and sometimes not even that.
So here let’s go through some of the popular ones.

Home Controllers

The first and something which has recently become very popular is the use of controllers like google home and amazon echo powered by Alexa to control your lights, AC, music and actually act as an assistant. These devices function and respond to your voice command. It reads out the news, it controls the light and also tells you about the weather! One can connect these to the lights in their homes, air conditioners and even curtains or blinds. With just a voice command, you can change the lighting to suit your mood or get the curtains to open up in the morning!


Security Cameras

With the increasing awareness about the importance of safety. Everyone wants a camera installed at homes. But is installing a camera enough? How many times do we actually go to check the recording or get to know when something is wrong. We only know it when something wrong has already happened but now with smart home security cameras, you can not only see the whole camera clipping in your phone itself but also they have motion and sound sensors that helps you to know whats happening there and then, also it can follow a person around the room and also creates time-lapse and can be connected to Amazon Echo.
The one fascinating thing was a Sky bell which actually allows you to see and talk to the person when the bells rings, also a great advance feature is that you can also see a part before the bell rings.


Heating and Cooling

It happens so many times that you are out and you want the room to be cold once you reach home, automation has solved this problem in following way. Now you can control the AC switch with your phone itself so while you are on the way with just a tap you can switch on the AC and once you reach home you will find the room perfect for you to relax.
You can also have a great sleep and get away from waking up every night in the middle to change the temperature because with automation you can simply set the temperature with the time.
Also the blinds and curtains can be controlled so you can decide when you want more day light or when you don’t.


Before all you could do with lights was turn it on and off by a switch, which later came to a point where you can adjust the brightness of the light with the help of a regulator. But now you can not only adjust the brightness but also the colors. You can have mood lighting where the lighting of the room changes according to the mood. You can also have the lights which changes the colors and brightness according to the music playing. There are touch switches available in the market which have sensors inside so you just need to touch the switch to turn on or off the lights.
Philips hue is one example of a range of bulbs which changes color and brightness and you can control it all by your phone.
Nanoleaf light canvas is another cool thing, it’s a set of 9 triangular LED wall panels which can attached to make any shape and these panels light up with any colour from the color wheel, you choose from the app. It works well with alexa, google home as well as homekit. 

If you are looking for an energy efficient and a convenient way to control your lights, you can also get sensors connected to the lights of each room of your house or office. This way the lights turn on automatically when you walk into the room and they turn off when no person is detected in the room. 



There are several companies and appliance brands that are coming up with smart appliances to make your cooking experience easier. One such company is Tipic which has a Tuler kitchen range that can even automate your kitchen counter top. You can make the sink disappear when you need the extra counter space and bring it back, all with just a wave of your hand. 

There are also smart cooking appliances like microwave and pressure cooker that let you cook the perfect recipe with the help of their preset temperature settings. 

Smart Mattress

We all know how crucial our sleep is for our well being . To obtain a sound sleep it is important to know your sleep patterns. Now, your smart mattress from 360 smart bed can do that for you. It watches your sleep cycles and suggests ways to improve your sleep too. 



We all know how difficult it can get to maintain a beautiful lawn with our busy schedules. Smart sprinklers can help you turn on and off your sprinklers from anywhere in the world. and you can also preset the watering schedule. They can also detect when it has rained and will water the lawns accordingly to avoid over-watering  the lawns.

Road Ahead

3D printing and Augmented Reality
3D printing has become a great presentation tool for designers and architects to showcase their work. Designers can get a small model made for their interior or furniture design and this is just the beginning! 
Another thing which has just started coming up in the industry is the use of Augmented Reality in interiors. There are apps based on Augmented reality like Place by Ikea, Tapemeasure.
Tapemeasure lets you measure the place you are staying or want the details for so when you fit in a furniture it comes to the actual size.
The “Place” helps you create 3D easily and if you are wondering if the particular chair will look good, it can be used to give you the idea of how it will look in reality. You can see options and try different things, its easy and gives you a idea before the actual project is made. 

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