Bedroom! Embracing The Maximalism Trend

In art and design, we’ve seen the world use the term minimalism. It predominantly relates to keeping things simple. However, that’s not the only truth. Minimalism also relates to an expression of focus on a certain aspect and removing every other distraction in that form of art whether is on canvas or in a space.
Maximalism, in other words, is the exact opposite. It speaks of excess, overstated, exaggerated and hard to focus onto a space. Maximalism can be chaotic for some who define themselves as being governed by rules, as this art form can take one on a brain override.

In defining spaces, especially bedrooms, one must be very careful to experiment with this form of art and trend cause if it is not done right it could lead to an unbalanced space which may seem unforgiving.
However, we are done with making boring rooms. For some of us, our rooms need to reflect the way we live (large).
We’ve thrown in some light on elements that you could incorporate that could fire up your rooms

Add Colour

Whether its dark or light, bold or dull, matt or shiny finished or unfinished it doesn’t matter. Let there be a strong element of colour standing out in your room. The More noticeable it is, the better.

Add Glamour

Add glamour with some lights, wallpaper, furniture and rugs.


This wall art from boho luxe home is a prime example of what maximalism is. Not only the wall art but also the artwork and furnishing defines how a maximalist room should look.
The Chesterfield leather chair creates a perfect contrast with the checkered table runner.
The bulldog cuts out any softness that may come into the room with the fresh roses used.

Wallpaper by India Circus

So much fun! Wouldn’t you love to wake up to this much colour as a backdrop of your bed?
Wallpapers like these instil a lot of warmth and colour to your space. Not only is it in your face but some of these wallpapers add a lot of relatable art to the space.

The Mandala Lotus Sanctum Cabinet


Who wouldn’t love a piece of art that doubles up as a storage cabinet?
This cabinet from Scarlet Splendour oozes Maximalism. Not only does it ask for attention but it’s a product that can accommodate other elements in the room. To simply put, With this piece form is not second to function.

A burst of Colour from Cocoon Carpets


This masterpiece from cocoon rugs is obnoxiously loud. The Globule collection instils a lot of drama and chaos into a space. It may or may not compliment the rest of the furniture, but sure as hell, it will stand its ground.
The Colors of Life collection consists of abstract, free-flowing designs and derives its many colours and hues from the essence of life and its various elements. This collection is inspired by architecture, paintings and even nature. The use of signature handspun high-twist wool and silk adds to the design appeal of these carpets!

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