How to Prepare for Overnight Guests

All of us have guests coming in to stay at some point in time and a day before when we start to prepare for their arrival we realize its not actually easy rather preparing for them to come is also a task because you have to ensure that their stay is as comfortable as possible when you are the host. So here is the list of things you can do a day before to be fully prepared for their arrival and provide them a wonderful stay.

1. Add lights or lamps on the bed side

When the guests arrive they are not used to this space so its required that the guest room has proper lighting  to make it look even brighter and make the guests comfortable. You can either add lamps if you don’t have a bed side light. Also a bedside table or a nightstand is a good option as at night if they want to keep their watch or any other thing it becomes convenient for them to use the nightstand.


2. Keep extra pillows and blanket

You never know what will suit their body and taste so its always good to keep some extra pillows just in case, to suit their needs. Even extra blankets should be kept so that they don’t feel cold at night and have a cozy sleep. The best tip is to make your room look like a hotel room. It makes the room look great and also stops the awkward conversation that they might have had to do with you. 

4. Anticipate their needs

Its better to think about what they might need from you before and keep it available then to look for things later.

  • Keep some tissues and a dustbin in the room, so that they don’t have to go out of the room to throw something.
  • Keep some towels ready for their use, including hand towels and bath towels and also make sure they know where you have kept it. Its really important to communicate from before so they don’t have to ask questions.
  • Toiletries are very important, take out your toiletries and put some other ones for them to use while staying like hand wash, face wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner etc. this is where you can use all the freebies you get from the hotels.
  • You can go a little extra and also keep two dental kits, because I think this is the something I always forget to carry so if you have guests who are somewhat like me they will be really happy to find the extra dental kits.

4. Storage in the room

If you have kept a lot of your stuff in the room, you should remove it as you want to create good space for them. The room should also look neat. Having extra drawers for them or a cupboard if the space provides will be a cherry on the top. It will give them the sense of comfort and also they might need the drawers or the space to put their own stuff.


5. Kitchen Requirements

You should always ask as to what would they like to eat or if they are allergic to something and tell them from before what you are planning to make. It avoids the situations where you make something they don’t like. You should make sure you already get the general things from before like milk, coffee, tea and bread and also some staples so that if anytime they ask you to make something you have it with you.

6. Living room

So now you will be having more people sitting in the living room, so first step is to remove the extra stuff. Keep some magazines, newspaper on the side to make sure they don’t get bored. If you have wifi, provide them with the password.


7. Provide privacy

Today everyone needs their own privacy and its important to provide them that. If you are giving them your room then make sure there are curtains and blinds put up, and if you are giving them a side of the living room, make sure they don’t get disturbed a lot.

8. Tell your kids

So this is if you are married and have kids, its important to explain the kids from before that the guests are coming. And also explain them how to behave in front of them and also not to trouble them. Its important because well kids can create chaos if not explained well.

9. Keep everything clean and tidy

Its an impossible task to have no dirt in the house, you are staying here so you ought to have some dirt in there for sure, whats important is to make sure that the little things you can do is done. Like making sure their bathroom, be it the common bathroom or their private bathroom, is cleaned properly as splash of water here and there can make it look gross. Check the common areas whenever they are not home or sleeping so that its tidy whenever they come.


10. Relax

We tend to worry so much when the guests arrive that we forget to enjoy. Its not possible that everything goes perfect, so one or two will not go your way but you have to relax about it and make sure you also have a great time. Once you seem to enjoy they will also enjoy.

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