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Limited Period Offer

For a limited period only Reflections Designs is giving out an offer to make a layout plan & give you an estimate for the changes at a sum starting from 1990/- onwards.

The offer is valid in limited areas only.

What you get-

  • A semi-rendered layout and basic measurements as per site.

  • An estimate based on basic discussions with you with regards to all your requirements.

  • A fun learning experience giving you exposure to design and space planning.

The process

  1. You check every page of our website and checkout our Instagram and Facebook pages to like and share the work we do.

  2. You either fill the contact form or call/WhatsApp us on 7777052953 during non-snooze hours or let us ask you how and when to reach you to take it further.

  3. Once we’ve fixed our first date, we’ll come well dressed, carry your favourite fresh measure tape and meet you. 

  4. After receipt of the payment & collection of the voucher we’ll get down to understanding your space.

  5. Upon exchanging pleasantries we’ll ask you some not so impersonal questions about the space and about the occupants to help us design the space better.

  6. We’ll measure you(r) space up which could take a little while as it is a bit of tedious process.

  7. We’ll bid each other goodbyes with a promise of hearing from us within 10 working days.

  8. An e-mail will be sent to you with your layout, an approximate estimate and a follow up call for any clarifications.

Offer Details

Below mentioned is the breakup of our offer prices based on the size of your flat.

  • A Single Bathroom upto 40 sqft will be charged @ Rs. 1990/-

  • A single room/kitchen/bathroom upto 150 sqft will be charged @ Rs. 7490/-

  • A 1 bedroom, hall & kitchen flat under 475sqft will be charged @ Rs.23750/-

  • A 2 bedroom, hall & kitchen flat under 650sqft will be charged @ Rs.32500/-

  • A 3 bedroom, hall & kitchen flat under 1000sqft will be charged @ Rs.49990/-

  • A 4 bedroom hall & kitchen flat under 2000sqft will be charged @ Rs.99990/-

  • A property which is under/between 2000-4000sqft.will be charged @ Rs.149990/-

  • Commercial properties, showrooms and offices are not covered under this offer service. Please contact us for further details and for commercial offers.

  • Bungalows and large apartments shall be billed upon inspection.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer is valid for certain select areas only.

  • Cannot be clubbed or redeemed at a later date.

  • The offer is provided “as is”, no guarantee or warranty is applicable.

  • It is sole discretion of the company to cancel or make the offer void at any point and refund the money if taken without cause or notice

  • The offer will be cancelled and no money will be refunded incase of any abuse, harassment, threat, intimidation or impersonate any person from our team.

  • No refund is valid once the process of measurements is complete.

  • All decisions taken by us are final and binding.

  • Incase of a scenario where you need to design only a certain area of your residence, we shall charge you according to the square feet bracket the area falls under.

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